Culinary YouTube channels to watch

These culinary channels will make you hungry and improve your skills in the kitchen

Chef making pasta Courtesy of Unsplash

Looking to improve your culinary skills, your bartending skills or just enjoy learning about food from different parts of the world? We’ve got a YouTube list of some amazing channels to follow.

Kaluhi’s Kitchen

Kaluhi’s channel has an amazing array of videos about cooking food the Kenyan way. Not only is it educative and entertaining; it is also very Kenyan. Meaning you can find all the ingredients she uses at a market place near you. Each video is a culinary masterclass in cooking Kenyan food(s).

The Overdressed Cook

Anita Nderu hosts a one of a kind culinary show that features celebrity guests and as the title suggests, a very overdressed cook. The best thing about this show is that you can enjoy a bit of drama while also learning how to cook.


Buzzfeed’s Tasty is a channel that features everything from easy to cook recipes to culinary cuisines from around the world.

Steve the bartender

The happy-go-lucky bartender, Steve, is ready to teach about how to make a cocktail and everything it entails. Ready to make some amazing cocktails from the comfort of your home? Get your booze and shaker ready!

Gordon Ramsay

Yes, the famous chef infamous for his abusive verbal tirades directed at any contestant unfortunate enough to be on his show has his own YouTube channel. And, it’s surprisingly tame. Want to learn how to make a sandwich the Gordon way?

Best Ever Food Review Show

This show is a bit dramatic, in a good way. Think “The Grand Tour” commentary and video edits but about food. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of drama ey? The show reviews street food from around the world.

Bon Appetit

This channel features some amazing chefs who teach you how to cook but also offer lessons on how to make your own food ingredients, such as pasta.



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