Daikin Air-Conditioning India firm targets lucrative Kenyan market

Kenyans will now benefit from air-conditioning products based on the needs and requirements of the specific market courtesy of Daikin Air-Conditioning India.

“As Daikin legacy, we design and develop our products and services to meet the requirements and expectations, both stated and unstated, of the local people. It is going to be the same way for Kenya also.” says Manoj Agarwal, the Vice President for Daikin Air-Conditioning India.

To achieve this, Manoj says, “The Company will work with the local community in distribution of products since they have valuable insights into customers’ needs which will help us to quickly innovate and design new products.”

The company has already recruited dealers and agents in key towns in Kenya who are undergoing training. “Our underlying philosophy is to nurture skill, expand our scale and build sustainability through our long-term vision,” adds Managing Director and CEO Daikin Air conditioning India, Kanwal Jeet Jawa.

Australia is an example of a market where Daikin showcased its globally adaptive nature of responding to local needs with local solutions through swift application of product design, based on feedback from the local dealerships.

“We learned from local sources that Australian house design was changing with lowered roof spaces, meaning that there was demand for flatter, more compact air conditioning units. And we quickly designed those, using our experience in other overseas markets,” notes Jawa.

“We also learnt that compact indoor units, narrow enough to fit in a closet, were preferred in Australia. We found indoor units developed by Daikin in China that fit the bill, then we refined them and sold them with great success in Australia.” He adds.


Jawa says this is just one example of how their comprehensive group strength enables local success through market adaptation.

He says Daikin’s market research found that Kenya is a Country where different specifications of air conditioning products would be required in different regions. “In places like the coast and northern Kenya, the conditions there can corrode an air conditioner. This is where our advanced anti-corrosion air conditioning models that are built to last in harsh environments, will prove their worth,” notes the Vice President for Daikin Air-Conditioning India.

He believes that since the company’s business model is heavily anchored on local partnerships, the firm’s entry into the Kenyan market would help lift many Kenyans from unemployment and poverty. He says Daikin Air-Conditioning India is excited about the business and job opportunities being created under the affordable housing and manufacturing pillars of the government’s big four agenda, and is eager to build on it as well as other business opportunities.

Agarwal notes: “We are keen on working with housing developers, owners and investors to design air conditioning products with cutting edge technology and designs, be it for buildings for residential or commercial use.”

He said that the company targets win-win situations in Countries it operates, adding that creating jobs in Kenya and wealth for local partners are Air-Conditioning India’s key priorities for this market.

In large building complexes such as hotels, hospitals, educational facilities and manufacturing plants, the company has air conditioners controlled by cloud-based systems.


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