Dairy farming project launched in Kilifi County

By KBC Reporter
The Kilifi County government has launched a dairy farming project in which farmers are given heifers in an effort to boost milk production.
Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi says dairy farming will help alleviate poverty in the County.
Kingi said poor harvests of crops coupled by unpredictable weather patterns in Kilifi County are a major contributor to the high poverty levels.
Growth in the dairy farming sector in Kilifi is billed to become the highest income earning for locals.
While launching the dairy farming program in Kilifi, Governor Amason Kingi said the sector will ensure farmers have a steady supply of nutrients while at the same time ensure a steady income for residents.
Kingi urged the locals to take advantage of the project in order to improve their livelihoods.
Kilifi County government is also constructing milk cooling plants for the farmers, creating a market for the dairy products as well as offer training to agricultural officers who will later transfer the knowledge to the farmers.
The county has also deployed veterinary officers who will offer extension services to farmers to help them improve their productivity.
Dairy farming continues to be a great source of income for peasant farmers as more farmers embark on sedentary cattle keeping as opposed to nomadic pastoralism.


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