Daniel Musinga conferred full powers to superintend affairs of Appellate Court

Justice Daniel Musinga has been sworn in as the new President of the Court of Appeal. Musinga took an oath of office in Nairobi Friday morning at a ceremony presided over by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Soon after the administration of the oath, Musinga assumed office, with former Court of Appeal President Justice William Ouko handing over the instruments of powers to his successor. Justice Ouko has since been promoted to the country’s apex court, the Supreme Court.

I Daniel Kiio Musinga, Justice of the Court of Appeal, having been duly elected the President of the Court of Appeal, do swear in the name of the Almighty God that I will in my capacity as the President of the court, diligently serve the people and the Republic of Kenya and to impartially administer justice to all equally in accordance with the Constitution, the laws and customs of the Republic without fear, favour, bias, affection, ill-will or any other influence. In the exercise of the judicial and administrative functions entrusted to me, I will at all times and to the best of my knowledge and ability, oversee proper management and administration of the court and in consultation with the Chief Justice and the Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, I shall faithfully give general directions for the efficient administration of the court and uphold the dignity and the respect for the court, the Judiciary and the judicial system of Kenya by promoting fairness, independence, competence and integrity, So help me GodHe swore during the oath taking.

Justice Musinga was elected to the office on May 24, 2021.

“There shall be a President of the Court of Appeal who shall be elected by the Judges of the Court of Appeal from amongst themselves.” Article 164(2) of CoK 2010

He becomes the third President of the Court of Appeal after Justice Kihara Kariuki (Now Attorney General) who was the first President, and Justice Ouko who succeeded Kariuki.

Court of Appeal has 20 Judges: D. Musinga, R. Nambuye, W. Karanja, H. Okwengu, M. Warsame, A. Makhandia, P. Kiage, G. Kairu, K. M’Inoti, A. Murgor, F. Sichale, J. Mohammed, S.oleKantai, M. Mbogholi, H. Omondi, M. Ngugi, F. Tuiyott, P. Nyamweya, J. Lesiit, K. Laibuta.


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