DCI rescues 16 aliens being trafficked along Marsabit-Isiolo Highway

DCI rescues 16 aliens being trafficked along Marsabit-Isiolo Highway

A multi-agency team of officers has rescued 16 aliens who were being trafficked along Marsabit-Isiolo Highway.

The 16 were on board three vehicles when they were rescued.

Six individuals who were ferrying the aliens have also been arrested and are awaiting arraignment.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI) has identified the six as Abdi Majid Hassan, Abdirahman Hussein Abdi, Mohammed Ahmed, Jamal Ali, Somo Wario, Salad Huka, Adullahi Mohammed and Abbas Yusuf.

The Counter-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2010 criminalizes sex trafficking and labour trafficking and prescribes penalties of 30 years’ to life imprisonment, a fine of not less than Ksh 30 million or both.

These penalties are sufficiently stringent, however, by allowing for a fine in lieu of imprisonment for sex trafficking, these penalties are not commensurate with those for other serious crimes, such as rape.

Sections 14 and 15 of the Sexual Offenses Act of 2006 criminalized the facilitation of child sex tourism and “child prostitution” and prescribed punishment of no less than 10 years’ imprisonment, Ksh two million.

Observers reported a lack of data sharing and input from relevant agencies likely led to underreporting of trafficking cases in 2019.

In 2019, the government reported six new trafficking cases for investigation, including one sex trafficking case and five forced labour cases, involving at least 128 individuals, compared with at least 33 trafficking cases and 25 trafficking-related cases in 2018.

The government reported arresting at least 42 people under the trafficking law in 2019.

The government prosecuted at least 22 individuals under the trafficking law in 2019, compared with at least 33 individuals for trafficking and 25 individuals for trafficking-related crimes in 2018.

The government has increased collaboration with foreign governments, international organizations, and NGOs on law enforcement efforts.

The government increased the investigative capacity of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation’s (DCI), Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Protect Unit (AHTCPU) by opening a new office in Mombasa and increasing its personnel from 20 to 33—26 in Nairobi and 7 in Mombasa—and in collaboration with donors, provided the Mombasa office with vehicles, including a mobile laboratory.


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