The art of tattooing has been practiced since time immemorial throughout the world. All cultures who practiced used the skin-puncturing technique, whereby a piercing element such as bones or thorns were implemented onto the skin. Nowadays, tattoos are more popular than ever. People use tattoos for decorative purposes or for symbolic meanings.

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While anyone can comfortably get a tattoo anywhere in the world, there are myths surrounding tattooing dark skin. There have been complaints that there isn’t enough representation of tattoos on dark skin on the internet, and a simple image search of “tattoos” online can confirm this. Lack of information on this not to mention misinformation can spread this and that is why we need to debunk these myths.

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For one, there’s the notion that coloured tattoos don’t look good on dark skin. That’s not true. It takes an understanding on how particular colours work or appear on different skin tones. Earth tones such as deep reds, peach and browns have proven to look great on darker skin. If you’re not sure about which colour will go well on you, you can ask a tattoo artist to give you a colour test. This is where they put small colour dots on you and you can see how different colours heal for you.

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Yes it’s true that some people have ended with bad scarring after tattoo jobs but this is not exclusive to people with dark skin. Some tattoo artists are simple more aggressive and harsh with the way they draw and this can eventually lead to scarring. It’s important that you find an artist who has a well proven record of greatly healed tats. If you are prone to keloids, then you will be susceptible to developing them after getting tatted.

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Some people claim that colours fade quicker on dark skin. This again depends on the individual’s body. Tattoos age and fade differently for everyone.

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And when it comes to tattoo removal? Laser removal is not recommended for dark skin because it can affect the natural pigment of the skin. You’re likely to be left with white patches and there is a chance of scarring.



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