Deep sea diving in Kenya is simply magical all year round. The weather at our coastal line is consistently sunny and warm providing excellent water temperatures ideal for diving.

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For beginners, diving lessons commence in a simple pool. Schmidt Matias, the manager of Extra Divers in Watamu tells us that the first rules of diving are; don’t touch anything in the water, don’t leave anything you came with in the water and don’t take anything out of the water. This way you ensure your safety and respect the creatures of the ocean.

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A good swimmer would roughly train for a minimum of ten hours within five days before being comfortable enough to explore the deep sea.

Why deep sea diving?

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  • You get to explore another part of mother earth. The earth is about 70% water with 230,000 (discovered) species residing in the ocean.
  • The ocean is one of the most peaceful places to be. As soon as you descend into the waters, you can only hear your own breathing. You get to run away from all troubles that exist on land.
  • Experience weightlessness. In the water, you are neither floating nor sinking.
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The reefs are home to a blooming sea life. Divers exploring Watamu have about 15 different sites they can explore. They are rich in magnificent coral and majestic sea life.

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Beyond dhow trips, underwater photography and snorkeling, sea tourists are urged to take up the diving sport to understand how to take better care of the sea, minimize its pollution and appreciate the country’s natural resources.


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