How to decorate a small space

5 tips to help you create an inviting small space

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As the year draws to a close, the period between Christmas and New Year’s offers an opportunity to take stock of the year and make some personal changes. Changing the style of your living quarters, just in time for family get-togethers, is one way to do it.

Whether you’re living in a studio, an SQ or a container home, we’ve got a few tips to make your space look amazing and inviting.

Be strategic about everything

small space

If you have no space for more than one piece of furniture opt for the most important and minimise the rest. You can either go big and buy a huge multi-functional piece like a sofa bed or a sofa with a bed pull out. Or, you can buy a small bed and buy floor cushions/chair for seating instead of a sofa.

Get creative with partitioning

Buy pieces that can act as room separators like bookshelves, shelves, or curtains for your small space.

Buy a mirror

small space

Mirrors make any space feel large and the light’s reflection will make the room feel brighter. Choose a large multi-functional mirror to optimise on space.

Keep it neutral

Although bright colours are fun, they also shrink the room.  If you’re already working with a small room, use neutral-toned colours because they will make the room feel spacious.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is the pillar of creating an amazing ambient space. A well-lit room will make a small, cramped space feel inviting. Choose lighting that is warm and complements the room to make it feel more relaxed.

Don’t clutter

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. This also requires that you think outside the box when it comes to storage. Buy furniture that comes with storage or utilise the walls and install shelves.

Create a vibe

Small Space
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Personalising a room with your own character goes a long way in elevating any room. Think about how you want your space to look and then work towards it. You can do this by picking a set colour and colour coordinating everything around that or you can use art pieces. Additionally, you can use knick-knacks to achieve the vibe you’re looking for.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out this cute Airbnb in Karen or check out the tiny house revolution.



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