The Narobi-Embu-Meru highway offers travelers beautiful scenery of green plantations and rolling hills cut across by twisting rivers. About 15km to Meru town along the Meru-Nkubu road, there is a beautiful waterfall one can spot from the highway. The waterfall is locally known as ndurumo ya irene translating to ‘Irene’s waterfall’. The water drops down 300 feet hitting rocks before turning into a milky mist, forming a small natural dam. About 30 metres from the waterfall, there is a huge boulder through which the flowing water has cut through. This boulder has been traditionally been referred to as ndaracha ya nkomaa meaning ‘the devil’s bridge’.

In the olden days, the place was an important source of red and white clay. The clay was used by various communities as body adornment. E.g. women would draw a white line on their heads if they were hosting a community gathering. Community members also used to mine traditional salt from the sides of the boulder.

The area is ideal for those interested in exploration and relaxation alike. A great place for picnics, nature walks and bird watching. After a demanding climb back to the highway, you can look forward to resting at the local resorts.