Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz is facing another copyright claim, this time for his new collaboration with fellow Tanzanian Jux called “Enjoy.”

The song which was the number one song on Youtube Kenyan charts for two weeks after its release has since been pulled from Platnumz YouTube channel. The song is, however, still available to stream on Jux’s channel.

Channel 1

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVlUVsMUxPk[/embedyt]

The complaint, this time, was filed by Congolese artiste Sapologuano Odenumz who says the melody was from one of his songs “I Found Love.” The artist, speaking to a Tanzanian blog, also said he had made the complaint through YouTube when the song was released.

Additionally, Odenumz also alleges that Diamond and Jux have also sued him via the company that distributes their music and that the fight is still going on.

This is not the first time Diamond is facing copyright claims, in November 2022, he and Mbosso were also caught up in a copyright infringement case for their song “Yataniua” which South African DJ Maphorisa claimed sounded similar to his song “Adiwele” featuring Young Stunna and Kabza de Small. The song was, again, pulled from Diamond’s channel but not Mbosso’s.

According to YouTube, when a video is pulled down, it is because a copyright owner sent the streaming platform a complete legal request to have a video taken down, and the alleged offender receives a copyright strike.

The strike system is put in place to show how close they are to getting their account banned and also puts certain restrictions on the offender’s account.

Diamond’s YouTube account is currently the most subscribed channel in Sub-saharan Africa and the second most-viewed in the region. Burna Boy dethroned Diamond earlier this month to become the most-viewed.

In July, Diamond had hit back at critics by saying he was not bothered by accusations of copying. He further called what he does sampling saying that he seems to be the only one being criticised for it.

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