Diesel cost goes up by Ksh 5.05

By Ronald Owili

If you are a consumer of diesel in Nairobi, from Friday, you will pay five shillings and five cents more for a litre of the fuel as the monthly review of pump prices by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) takes effect from Thursday midnight.

Kerosene consumers will also pay a shilling and forty cents more on a litre while Petrol users on the other hand will pay 74 cents on a litre.

The commission attributes the changes to landed cost charges which increased for kerosene and diesel, while that of super petrol decreased.

The last review of the year that will guide on how much you pay at the station is out and it’s a mixed feeling, depending on which fuel you use as a consumer.

Given this is a busy holiday season, traveling might just become a little bit expensive as motorist look to cash in with an increase in passengers.

Looking at the average cost of landed cost of imported fuel, ERC sates that diesel recorded the highest increase of 9.8% where a ton cost Ksh 48,700.28 compared to October, Kerosene increased 4.41% to Ksh 50,975.84 per ton while landed cost of imported super petrol decreased 2.76% to 51,330 per ton.

On the international market, Murban crude oil reduced 10.13%, from 51.35 per barrel to 46.15 dollars a barrel affecting prices to the pump.

However prices of crude are expected to stabilize further going into next year as OPEC members and other producers seek to slush production, ending the glut that has persisted for 2 years.

From Friday, consumers in Mombasa will pay Ksh 90.80 for petrol, Ksh 83.83 for diesel and Ksh 60.71 for a litre of kerosene.

In Nairobi, a litre of petrol will cost Ksh 94.20, diesel Ksh 87.22 and kerosene Ksh 63.56.

To the lakeside city of Kisumu, a litre of petrol will cost Ksh 96.21, diesel Ksh 89.40 and kerosene Ksh 65.50.

On the other hand oil marketers in Nairobi are expected to make a margin of Ksh 10.89 on all fuels as ERC director general warns of dire consequences for anyone found to be charging consumers more at the pump.




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