Different tones in Rift Valley politics’ musical chairs

By KBC Reporter.

Kenya African National Union (KANU) Chairman has said his party will not be forced to join the recently launched Jubilee Party.

Speaking yesterday in Eldama Ravine , Baringo County during the burial of Richard Chesang , An angry Gideon Moi said in Kalenjin dialect said the independence party will not be forced to fold up and join Jubilee Party.

Speaking in Kalenjin the senator said , “…Am tired and I feel bitter as other call us Top up, now we have a population of 200,000, we need to be 500 thousand so as we can dictate our terms….”

Moi who is also Baringo Senator said that it has reached time the Tugen Community decide which political way they should go so that they can benefit politically urging the community to register as voters so that the community can dictate their terms.

Moi sentiments comes a week after a number of parties fold up to join the Jubilee party.

Samburu County leaders have called upon their supporters to join Jubilee Party in order to help them gain victory in nominations.

According to the leaders President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Wiliam Ruto will soon tour the county to launch the new party whose nomination elections would be held in May next year.

While creating awareness of the new party in a political rally held in Maralal town, Samburu Governor Moses Lenolkulal,  MPs Lati Lelelit(Samburu West), Alois Lentoimanga(Samburu North), Raphael Letimalo(Samburu East) and a group of local MCAs said they would battle it out on the new party’s tickets to retain their political seats in the next general election.

Himself member of a steering committee of 30 elected MPS that formed Jubilee Party, Lelelit assured residents that the party has good intentions to benefit residents of Samburu County and the rest across the country, sentiments supported by Governor Lenolkulal.

Several aspirants eying various political seats including MCAs, woman Representative, Senator and MP took advantage of the rally in the town to sell their policies to thousands of residents who turned up.

Samburu county assembly Speaker Steve Lelegwe announced his ambition to vie for Senatorial Post to represent the county in the senate on Jubilee Party’s ticket.

In a separate wedding function held at Porro area in Samburu central sub county on Saturday, Nominated senator Naisula Lesuuda announced her intention to run for the Samburu West constituency seat in the National Assembly on the new party’s ticket


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