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Digital adoption to cut Kenya’s health system costs by 15pc – report

Kenya could see a significant reduction in healthcare costs and improved efficiency by investing in digital technologies and data according to a new report by the World Bank.

According to the Digital-In-Health: Unlocking the Value for Everyone report by the lender, the country whose health budget in the current fiscal year amounts to Ksh 141.2 billion can realize up to 43pc in efficiency gains by investing in virtual interactions solutions, which include video visits with doctor/clinician, remote monitoring, and e-triage to determine healthcare needed by 2030.

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“For instance, connected electronic health records and virtual interactions such as telemedicine can generate up to 15pc more efficiency gains and free resources to address the other needs of patients,” the lender states in the report.

Similarly, digitization of health information exchanges and electronic health records could see the country gain as much as 30pc in efficiency within seven years, while a 9pc efficiency gain is projected through investment in decision intelligence systems such as supply chain predictive systems or clinical decision support, or hospital digital twin systems.

“Designed with people at the center, digital technology can make health services more personal, prevent healthcare costs from increasing, reduce differences in care, and make the job easier for those who provide health services,” said Mamta Murthi, Vice President for Human Development, World Bank.

Additionally, investing in workflow optimization and simplification solutions and Patient-focused interventions, including patient self-care and patient self-service such as appointment scheduling could see 10pc and 8pc efficiency gains respectively.

According to the World Bank, digital technology can strengthen health systems, improve health financing and public health, and increase reach to underserved populations.

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