‘Disco Matangas’ banned in Kilifi to curb immorality

Coast Regional Commissioner Bernard Laparmarai has banned night vigil festivities popularly known as ‘Disco Matangas’ in Kilifi County as the government moves to curb crime and immorality.

Laparmarai says the cultural practice has only acted to compromise on the region’s education standards blaming it for the growing cases of sexual abuse, teenage pregnancies and high rates of school drop outs.

The ban of disco Matanga’s in Kilifi County is seemingly following a trend in other regions where the cultural practice has also been banned.

Disco atanga was a noble idea which marked the highlight of a burial ceremony where the widow comes out of her mourning shell for a celebration  with the community .

It was supposed to be the beginning of a healing process, for the bereaved family but today, the practice has been blamed for increased immorality.

Speaking during a public baraza in Chonyi Sub-county of Kilifi County, coast regional commissioner Bernard Laparmarai directed chiefs and their assistants to ensure no disco matanga activities takes place in their areas of jurisdiction.

Kilifi south MP Ken Chonga who has been championing the ban which he said is contributing to many social ills in the region called on residents to support the ban to save their children.

Chonga noting that the  youth in the area are  suffering due to high unemployment ,calling  on the national government to gazette the Chonyi sub-county as a police recruitment centre so that jobless youth could get a chance to join the service during recruitment drives.


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