“”Hatutaki viongozi ambao hawajali wananchi” – DNG

Hypeman and MC DNG has announced his interest in politics. DNG has been in the media industry for decades now beginning with being a gospel artiste. The entrepreneur who is currently running a 360 degree experiential agency called 254 entertainment, has recently proclaimed that he has already stretched his hands into politics.

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People think that politics is only when you are the president or a governor or an MP or an MCA. No.” said DNG. “Politics is concerned about everything, politics is the art of governance. How we are being governed is bad, therefore when we talk about bad governance, poor leadership, ineffective legislation and presidential directives, we are already in politics.” DNG has said that it is time for change.

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He already has a campaign called ‘Who is your leader’. The initiative is about leadership and governance.


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