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Dorcas Gachagua roots for rights of the boy child


Deputy President’s spouse Dorcas Gachagua is calling for a multifaceted approach in efforts aimed at preventing the spread of HIV, drug and substance abuse among boys and men.

Addressing a diverse audience comprising of religious leaders and parents at the Bomas of Kenya,  the deputy president’s spouse expressed her concern over the boy child’s vulnerability to vices. Highlighting the urgency of changing approaches to secure the youth’s future, she called for collective action to steer the boy child away from negative influences.

“The future of our youth is in our hands. History will judge us harshly if we do nothing for the boy child now; it is time for action.” Observed Dorcas.

She said a staggering 89% of individuals engaged in drug and substance abuse in Kenya are boys and men estimated at 26,673. Observing a gender imbalance in education where more girls than boys transition to secondary education, 51% of reported cases of missing children being boys and a significant 87% of inmates in Kenyan prisons being boys and men, the deputy president’s spouse emphasized that if left unchecked, these imbalances and challenges will persistently affect the community.

In addition, the deputy president’s spouse extended an invitation to religious leaders to collaborate with the Dorcas Rigathi Foundation and initiate a social movement to reclaim and restore the dignity of the boy child.