Double Cleansing, what it is and how to do it

Double Cleansing might be the solution to getting rid of those pesky breakouts

Double Cleansing
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Washing your face at the end of the day is the foundation of a great skincare routine, but is washing your face once enough? According to dermatologists, it is not enough.

Double cleansing is the method of washing/cleansing your face twice, The idea is that the first cleanse or wash will remove any make-up, dirt or excess oils from the day and that the second cleanse will soothe, hydrate or exfoliate depending on your skin type.

Don’t think this is true?

If you don’t believe that stubborn dirt might be left on your face after the first wash, do this as an experiment. Wash your face once and using a cotton ball, apply toner and apply it all over your face. If the cotton ball comes away brown then you have your answer. 

What type of cleansers should I use?

The two-step technique involves using an oil-based cleanser first and cleansing again with a water-based one. 

How does this help?

Double cleansing makes sure that stubborn pore-clogging impurities that remain on your face even after the first wash are removed. Using the two types of cleansers makes sure you don’t strip your face of important oils while you’re at it.

Risks and prevention

When you double cleanse you run the risk of overwashing or overdrying your skin, so what should you do to prevent this? Buy the correct cleansers for your skin types and get advice from a certified dermatologist or beautician before embarking on a new skincare routine.



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