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DP affirms Govt’s commitment to healthcare reforms

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during the 92nd Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) graduation ceremony

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has delivered a resounding affirmation of the government’s unwavering commitment to the nation’s healthcare sector  duringKenya Medical Training College’s  92nd graduation ceremony.

The event, which marked the graduation of a new cadre of healthcare professionals, became a platform for the Deputy President to underline the critical role of a skilled healthcare workforce in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The Deputy President’s address resonated with the overarching national objective of realizing UHC, aiming to provide essential health services to all citizens without imposing financial burdens.

Emphasizing the significance of investing in a proficient healthcare workforce, The Deputy President noted the government was committed to ensuring the health care professionals were well equipped “

Our government recognizes the pivotal role that a well-trained healthcare workforce plays in achieving Universal Health Coverage”, He said.

He added that the government is devoted in its quest to provide health professionals with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver quality and accessible healthcare to all citizens.

On her part Health Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha S Wafula reiterated government commitment of supporting the college activities in its quest to solidfy its status as a premier provider of medical education further urging collaborative efforts for a progressive, responsive, sustainable, and prosperous future in Kenya’s medical education and healthcare system.

“Anyone making contact with a health provider in this country and beyond, will most probably be attended by a KMTC graduate. I am proud to be a KMTC Alumni. I am a living example that you can start at KMTC and ascend to the pinnacle of your career,” she noted

The CS said her announcement aligns with global trends recognizing the critical importance of resilient and responsive healthcare systems.

She added that by assuring support for the development of healthcare professionals, the government aims to fortify Kenya’s healthcare infrastructure to meet the evolving challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Public Health and Professional Standards, Permanent Secretary, Mary Muthoni, who was also in attendance hailed the College for producing a quality healthcare professionals that are ready to take on the world and bridge the gaps in the health sector.

“We believe that KMTC graduates are the best and we commend the College for producing such highly qualified graduates”. She said.

A total of 22,691 students graduated.

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