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DP Gachagua calls for integration of AI to enhance security in East Africa

The DP officially opened the Mashariki Cooperation Conference in Mombasa. The conference brings together top security and National Intelligence Service chiefs from over 10 States in Eastern African Region.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has called for integration of artificial intelligence and other forms of technology to enhance security in Eastern Africa.
Gachagua praised Kenya’s  National Intelligence Service (NIS), saying the Government, led by President William Ruto, has total confidence in the work of NIS detectives.
The DP also pledged support for the security service, saying the Government will whatever possible in provision of resources to make NIS’ work smooth.
Speaking in Mombasa when he officially opened the Mashariki Cooperation Conference, which brings together top security and National Intelligence Service chiefs from over 10 States in Eastern African Region, Gachagua said technology is key to sustainably addressing insecurity.
Kenya’s National Intelligence Service Director General Noordin Haji hosted the high level conference.
“While more resources are required in integration of Artificial Intelligence into security operations, we have no option but to invest for better outcomes. With advancing technology, we must be armed with highly innovative infrastructure for tracing, tracking and monitoring potential threats for early elimination and prevention,” the Deputy president said.
While calling for a common regional strategy in gathering of security information, Gachagua said Artificial intelligence is key to tackling emerging threats, especially in the digital space.
“Digital spaces have become playgrounds for recruitment and Radicalisation, money laundering and trap points for homicides and other cybercrimes, sadly, as recently witnessed in Kenya,” he said.
Gachagua said the Ruto Administration is ready to support the national security institutions for deliver on their mandate.
The Deputy President asked the officials to come up with a framework for sharing knowledge and information between and among our intelligence bureaus for strategic interventions and mutual benefit.
He said, this is besides joint operations on issues of regional interest, moreso development.
Gachagua said armed conflicts, trafficking in humans especially children, drugs, counterfeit goods, corruption and money laundering, wildlife trophies, among others are a threat to development.
In particular, the Deputy President added that security is crucial to development and Africa is to socio-economically transform as envisaged under Agenda 2063 of the African Union and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
“Africa is, without a doubt, the Continent of the 21st Century.  But insecurity, if not strategically and decisively tackled, may derail the vision of transforming the lives of our people. I cannot emphasise more, on why Security is key to a better, brighter and successful Africa,” he said.
Further, the Deputy President said demolishing international networks of criminals requires transnational strategies, which must also be jointly implemented.
The National Intelligence Service Director General Noordin Haji said past collaborations in the region have borne fruit and more can be achieved.
“We must join forces in and pool resources for strategic security interventions,” he said.
He said States in the Eastern African Region, from Djibouti to Mozambique have common challenges, which can be surmounted.
States represented in the conference include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Seychelles, Comoros, Mozambique, Eritrea and Malawi.
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