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DP rallies leaders to support President’s transformation agenda

Gachagua said he would continue with his mission to unite Kenyans starting with the Mount Kenya region


Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has rallied political leaders to support President William Ruto so that he the Head of State can succeed in his plan of transforming the country’s economy.

The Deputy President also stated that he would continue with his mission to unite Kenyans, starting with the Mount Kenya region, behind President Ruto for socio-economic development of the nation.

“We must protect and ring-fence our unity and call out leaders trying to divide the people into political camps. The attempts to cause division are retrogressive and must be rejected. As Mount Kenya region, we are united behind President William Ruto so that he can succeed in his economic plan to transform the country. We are politically faithful,” said Mr Gachagua on Friday.

He spoke at Mutonyora Comprehensive School in Kinangop Constituency, Nyandarua County, during a thanksgiving ceremony. He had the same unity message while addressing the people at Kimende and Kwa Mbira, in Limuru townships, Kiambu County, on his way back to Nairobi.

The Deputy President had lunch with traders, mechanics and juakali artisans at a butchery in Kwa Mbira township.

Mr Gachagua also rallied political leaders and government officers to press on with efforts to eradicate illicit brews and drug abuse in the country. The intervention led by President Ruto came in time to prevent the extinction of a generation in the Mt Kenya region due to poison packaged and sold as brews.

He said this even as a group of Members of Parliament and MCAs allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and Jubilee Party demanded that the Deputy President be accorded the respect, as they condemned their colleagues engaging in early campaigns for 2027 and 2032 elections.

The politicians accompanying Mr Gachagua present slammed their counterparts, who they accused of disrespecting and attempting to humiliate the Deputy President.

“It will be a mistake to undermine the office of the Deputy President and the holder of that office like it happened during the previous Jubilee Party regime. I appeal to MPs and politicians, for the sake of national unity and prosperity of our country and political discipline, we must respect the office of Deputy President and the Presidency. We do not want another formation of ‘tangatanga’ and ‘kieleweke’ camps. We support the Deputy President and we must reject attempts to divide the Mount Kenya community into camps,” said Kinangop MP Kwenya Thuku. He was elected to the Jubilee Party.

The second term MP added: “As Mount Kenya community when we see DP Gachagua being attacked we know it is the community being fought. We do not want a repeat of the history. The current President was humiliated when serving as Deputy President”.

“We are behind you (Mr Gachagua) solidly, stay strong and we cannot allow any form of disrespect on the Deputy President,” he said.

The leaders also condemned their colleagues engaging in early campaigns instead of joining the President and his Deputy in rebuilding the country.

“Those disrespecting the Deputy President are disrespectful to Kenyans and the Presidency. It is also wrong to start the early campaigns. We are asking them to stop the exercise and focus on development. We commend the Deputy President for his mission to unite Kenyans and the Mount Kenya community. The DP is elected by Kenyans and must be respected,” said Kajiado North MP Onesmus Ngogoyo.

Other leaders accompanying him included Nyandarua Deputy Governor Mwangi Mathara, Senators John Methu (Nyandarua) and Samson Cherargei (Nandi), MPs Faith Gitau (Woman Representative), Jayne Kihara (Naivasha), Onesmus Ngogoyo (Kajiado North), Njuguna Kiaraho (Ol-Kalou), George Gachagua (Ndaragwa), Mburu Kahangara (Lari) and Samuel Parashina (Kajiado South).

Senators Methu and Cherargei said those fighting the Deputy President were envious of his performance in the mandates given to him by President Ruto such as agriculture reforms and eradication of illicit brews.

“The DP has performed in his mandates. He is being fought because of his performance. He has also helped the people a lot while serving as the principal assistant to the President. It is not time for politics or campaigns. Those disrespecting the Deputy President should know that they are also disrespecting the President and the country at large. The President and his Deputy cannot be separated. They are like siamese twins,” said senator Cherargei.

Members of county assembly from Kiambu and Nyandarua led by Nyandarua Speaker Wachira Waiganjo, among other leaders, were also present.

“We commend the government’s decision to eradicate illicit brews and drug abuse. In Nyandarua county, we have since passed a new Alcoholic Drinks control law to regulate and protect our community from destruction. We are behind you and your leadership. We also support your initiative to unite the country and the Mount Kenya community,” said Nyandarua Speaker Mr Waiganjo.

The leaders also endorsed the DP’s proposal for equity and equality in sharing of national resources through the one-man one-vote one-shilling formula.

They spoke a day after Myoot Kipsigis Council of Elders and the Kikuyu Council of Elders slammed a section of leaders that they accused of engaging in early campaigns and disrespecting the Deputy President.




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