Dragonfly army drone could be developed


Dragonfly drones and virtual reality helmets sound like something you’d only see in films, but they could actually exist soon.

There’s £800m of government funding now available to develop more examples of “futuristic technology”.

At the end of the year the MoD will be inviting the “best and brightest individuals and companies” to pitch for the money to create equipment to support defence and security forces.

Think Dragons’ Den meets James Bond.

There are already some pieces of equipment being worked on

Animal Dynamics is currently developing a “tiny unmanned aerial system”, or drones as we like to call them, with flapping wings.

It’s been inspired by the biology of a dragonfly and the MoD says it hopes it’ll have a “huge impact on intelligence-gathering in future operations in complex urban environments”.

The design of the drone is small enough to allow it to fly into difficult-to-access areas and gather information for troops without endangering their life.

The new developments could also save a lot of time.

The Quantum Gravimeter, which has been developed with the University of Birmingham, could mean they can survey underground structures in minutes rather than weeks.

It means the UK’s armed forces may be able to spot enemy tunnels more easily and support disaster relief much quicker.

And it turns out that there are even uses for virtual technology in the armed forces.

The MoD has been using VR helmets to simulate aircraft, enemy personnel and vehicles which would usually appear in war zones.

That means soldiers can be immersed and tested in situations before they’re deployed.


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