EAC intra-trade up 25 percent last 16 years

By Ronald Owili

East Africa Community Affairs Principal Secretary Betty Maina says increased access to information on the integration agenda by the public is vital in deepening intra-trade within the bloc.

Maina says in 16 years the community has been in existence, intra trade has jumped from 10 percent to 25 percent currently a fete that has been aided by the media sensitizing the populace about opportunities.

Separately, electronic firm Pioneer Gulf is banking on the low end vehicle market with new range of in-vehicle infotainment products to grow its market share. Here are the details.

Despite the slow progress in implementing the integration agenda which require engagements at the highest level of governance, the East African Community has made laudable progress since the bloc was re-introduced in 2001.

Of focus has been economic integration which the EAC has developed alongside a single custom union which has been in operation since 2005, a common market which has operation since 2010 and is in the process of adopting a single monetary union and a political federation.

The trading bloc has harmonized some tax laws, eliminated a number of non-tariff barriers and embarked on joint infrastructure expansion with the aim of increasing intra-regional trade.

Meanwhile, electronics firm Pioneer Gulf is banking on the low end vehicle market with the new line of aftermarket car products it has launched in the market.

According to the firm’s General Manager Mularidhal Masal, the in-vehicle entertainment products will help the company accelerate sales which have increased 45 percent this year.

New vehicle registration rose 9 percent from 94,017 in 2013 to 102,606 in 2014.

This growth is what the firm is banking on with its new products which also aim at boosting user experience with features such as voice command, GPS and android and IOS devices synchronization options.


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