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EACC: Assets worth Ksh23.8B recovered in the last five years

Integrity Centre
Integrity Centre

The Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission has recovered assets (cash, movable and immovable) worth Ksh23.84 Billion over the past five years.

According to the 2028-2023 progress report, the Commission is pursuing forfeiture of corruptly acquired assets worth approximately Ksh40.78 Billion in various court across the country.

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The Commission further averted loss of approximately Ksh34.5 Billion through investigations, undercover operations and disruption of corruption networks.

During the same period, EACC forwarded 721 investigation files to the ODPP with recommendations for prosecution in 496 files, administrative action in 70 and closure in 155 files.

In the report, EACC called upon Parliament to enact effective laws that strengthen law enforcement bodies and create hostile environment for the corrupt.

The Commission urged Citizens to embrace civic responsibility and embrace corruption intolerance.

“Public officials should recognize that public property is not their personal property and only use for the benefit of the people. Professionals should not use their expertise to mastermind or cover graft schemes but rather to advance public interest,” said EACC.

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