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EACC finalises over 100 high profile graft cases

EACC spokesperson Eric Ngumbi

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has finalised investigations of over 100 cases involving high profile personalities in the last one year, the commission’s Spokesperson Eric Ngumbi has said.

Ngumbi said the cases are at various stages with some awaiting approval from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to arrest and arraign the suspects in court.

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“For others involving very senior persons, the EACC has already secured concurrence from the DPP to charge them in court and we expect once we resume from the current break due to festivities to kick start the court process, “he said.

The spokesperson disclosed that many high-profile persons who served in the previous regime and others in the current government will soon be arraigned in court and charged with various corruption cases.

“Currently over 30 governors some, who served in the previous regime and others currently serving their terms are being investigated by EACC. Already we have nine cases involving governors in court, “said Ngumbi.

He said majority of the high-profile cases involve billions of shillings plundered by county bosses and their cronies.

“The cases involve huge amounts of money running into billions and hundreds of millions. This shows the magnitude of corruption in our country, “added the spokesperson.

Ngumbi said the commission will not relent in its fight against graft and warned Kenyans against politicising EACC ‘s work.

“EACC is an independent institution and we will not be cowed by politicians. Many culprits of corruption retreat to their tribal and political cocoons to scuttle and politicise the war on graft. As a commission we remain focused and we are asking Kenyans to let EACC discharge it’s mandate,” he said.

The spokesperson appealed to Kenyans to support the fight against sleaze, noting although the country was endowed with a lot of resources it lacks fiscal discipline leading to huge loss of the resources and high cost of living.

“Corruption in Kenya remains the leading threat to the welfare of the society. As EACC we cannot fight alone we are just a lead agency,”said Ngumbi.

He underscored the need to strengthen institutions charged with oversight to prevent embezzlement of public funds.

“There is a lot of pilferage in counties, the county assemblies should be supported to do oversight to prevent further loss and ensure that reports by Controller of Budget and the Auditor General on misuse of public funds do not remain as mere suggestions but are effectively implemented,” said the spokesperson.

He was speaking at Kathekai on Friday during the burial of a father (Nzomo Sila)and a son(Travis Muuo)who lost their lives in a road accident in Mbooni that claimed close to 14 lives.

Ngumbi blamed traffic police for the high number of accidents in the country that have claimed thousands of Kenyan lives.

“Poor enforcement or total lack of enforcement of traffic rules due to corruption has led to loss of many lives, many roadblocks erected by police are just for extortion purposes,” said the spokesperson.

He said police officers soliciting bribes along the roads should be held accountable as a way of reducing road accidents.

“Police take bribes and allow unroadworthy vehicles to operate endangering lives of many Kenyans. It should stop,” noted Ngumbi.

He called for the implementation of the report on the National Taskforce on Police Reforms led by former Chief Justice David  Maraga to stop corruption in the police service.

“Whatever the report recommended should be prioritised to fight corruption,” said the EACC chair person.



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