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eCitizen: 1,448 paybills discontinued in favour of new number

1,448 paybill numbers have been discontinued following a move by the government to have all payments for services done through a new single number.

Ministries, State Departments, and Agencies which had not migrated to the designated Paybill 222222 have until Tuesday, August 8 to do so.

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Previously Kenyans were paying for different services through multiple pay bill numbers.

At the same time, a compliance status report must be submitted by the end of August 8th by all Ministries and State Departments, along with a report on all services planned for onboarding onto the e-Citizen platform by the deadline of August 11 at 5 PM.

According to the Principal Secretary for the State Department for Immigration and Citizen Services Prof (Amb) Julius Bitok, the move was in compliance with the Executive’s further directive that all existing Paybills be discontinued in favour of the new Paybill, number.

“Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA5) that are yet to comply with the directive are urged to do so without further delay,” he said in a statement.

While speaking during the launch of a revamped E-Citizen portal on June 30, President Ruto regretted the government could not account for some of the PayBill numbers used by various government agencies.

The improved platform is hosting over 5,000 government services, with the number set to increase by the end of the year.



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