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Education stakeholders want life skills incorporated in Competency Based Curriculum

Report by Sally Namuye

The government has launched the first Assessment of Life Skills and Values Conference in East Africa (ALiVE) with the intention of building momentum for the assessment of core competences and values in the Competency Based Curriculum.

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Over 10 African Countries and government experts from national curriculum and assessments in the Six East Africa Community countries, Civil Society Organizations, researchers, funders and teachers attended the conference where they were challenged to give more focus on instilling value and life skills training to learners and confer them with holistic education.

In a speech read on his behalf by the Director Teacher of Education at the ministry of education  Margaret Mwandale, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu said that inculcation of values and life skills in learners will enable them navigate and deal with the constantly changing environment which requires a multiplicity of skills.

“Research consistently demonstrates that life skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, respect, and self-awareness are not only essential for job success but also for academic achievement and holistic development. However, limited awareness and understanding of these skills persist across the continent,” he noted.

Zanzibar Minister for Education Lela Mohammed said her government had commissioned a Task Force to review education that will put values and life skills at the core of schooling.

The conference comes at a time when the education systems in East Africa and Africa at large are shifting to competency-based curricula, with priority given to learners acquiring the skills for living and thriving.

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