Elders arrested for illegal document facilitation

Three village elders have been arrested for illegal document facilitation in Medina Location, Garissa County.

Abdisalaw Abdullahi Idiwo, Roble Abdi Hussein and Bule Abdullahi Gedi aided an Ethiopian alien in March 2012 to acquire Kenya national identity card.

The elders are said to have connived with aliens to mislead the vetting committee on their citizenship, contrary to their obligation of rightfully informing the vetting committee on the natives of the region.

The elders are also said to have used a fake name, Mohamed Abdi Aden to acquire an ID for the Ethiopian alien.

Aden was arrested this year on a mission to carry out a terror attack in Nairobi.

He was found with bomb making material and other explosives which would have caused massive damage to the people and property.

When police further investigated Aden and delved deeper into his lifestyle, they established that he was not a Kenyan.

Following the revelation, the police traced back the issuer of the identity card and how Aden got it and thus the elders were arrested.

The elders will be arraigned in court on Friday and will be charged for illegal document facilitation according to the Kenyan laws.

The incident brings to focus a phenomenon involving aliens infiltrating the country from neighboring countries and acquire Kenyan vital registration documents in order to conceal their nefarious activities.

The aliens use their illegally acquired documents to open bank accounts, register for m-pesa, register sim cards, enroll in local learning institutions, travel abroad, and apply for local jobs or even join the police or the military, thus posing a serious threat to our national security.

Apart from the village elders and local chiefs upon whom the vetting committees depend for credible identification, cases have been reported of government staff responsible for issuing these documents either engaging themselves in the crime for monetary gains, or not applying due diligence in discharging their duty.

Police are warning that anyone involved in illegally issuing documents to aliens will be dealt with the full force of the law.

Elsewhere, four other elders have been arrested for also issuing foreigners with Kenyan identification documents.

The four Zeynab Hussein Noor, Haretha Nadir Dahar,  Adow Hassan Ahmed and Mohamed Gure Idle are alleged to have assisted Mohamed YarowAdow obtain a Kenyan ID,.

The four elders were part of a vetting committee in Kiwanja Ndege and Kilibay locations within Habaswein Sub County in Wajir County.

The elders after the arrest confessed they assisted the foreigners obtain the IDs after being paid money and some camels.

The four are tyo be aaringed at a Nairobi court.

Police will be seeking for custodial orders to allow for more investigations into the activities.

The police claim that this are indications of existence of syndicates in the counties of Wajir, Garissa and Mandera that are targeting elders to facilitate foreigners acquire Kenyan IDs.


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