Elders challenged to step up oversight role during initiation rituals

Calls to have elders step up their oversight role during initiation rituals and ceremonies to ensure safety and inculcation of good values among youth continue to gain traction.

The call coming amid concern over continued degradation of the moral fabric.

In most communities in Kenya, December is the season where many circumcision or initiation rituals occur.

Many youth undergo the process of transition from childhood to adulthood in ceremonies that inculcate values in addition to the physical symbol.

However, in recent times, the traditional ceremonies have come under sharp focus.

There has been sharp criticism of the rituals not incorporating safe and sanitary practices leading to horrific infections and mutilations as well as death in some instances.

It is a state of affairs that  has raised concern among political leaders with  Laikipia Deputy Governor John Mwaniki urged Kikuyu council of elders and other councils of elders across the country to  take the responsibility to ensure the practice remains not just relevant but safe.

Speaking during an initiation ceremony in Ngare ndare, Mwaniki urged the elders as the custodians of the Culture to see to it that discipline and good guidance are instilled to the initiates.


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