Eldoret residents stumble on refined petrol in borehole



Residents of Tairi Mbili estate in Eldoret town were left in shock on striking what is thought to be petrol in a boreholes instead of water.

Residents said petrol was found in three boreholes within the same vicinity, phenomena that left the residents wondering where the fuel could have come from yet they had been fetching water from the boreholes for long.

They said they started fetching fuel on Sunday evening when a house help went to fetch water from a borehole outside their house but instead fetched pure petrol from the borehole.

News of the finding saw some of the residents scrambling to have at least some for sale and their motor cycles.

Residents are however worried that a fire could breakout unless proper care is taken to ensure the safety of residents.

They also fear that most of their water sources will be contaminated with oil unless the source of the oil is found or if indeed it is a discovery of “refined oil” in their midst.

To others the new find was a godsend since they have been fetching gallons of oil from the borehole.

They asked the government not to evacuate them saying the petrol discovery would create a source of income for them.


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