Elsa Majimbo’s star continues to shine brighter

Elsa Angel Majimbo is a 19 year old Kenyan comic who has stolen the hearts of many due to her comedy. She has quickly risen to stardom over the past couple of months this year, and has now landed a gig with Fenty. Fenty is Rihanna’s fashion brand  that has seen millions of sales in dollars since its launch in 2017. It’s a brand appreciated across the globe due to its inclusivity.

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Elsa was yesterday featured on the Fenty Instagram page where she wore every shade of the Fenty sunglasses as she delivered her comedy. “Me and Rihanna are childhood friends” she says as she munches on crisps and dives into a pillow sarcastically. She is always in a pair of 90’s sunglasses and adorns ‘matutas’ on her head. That’s what probably makes her so relatable.

Elsa gained major recognition during the quarantine period, making our quarantining and isolation more bearable. She’s relatable, sarcastic and has got a quirky sense of humor. Her viral videos that she shares on social media have seen her land a collaboration with MAC, shout-outs from celebrities such as Lupita Nyong’o, features on the Guardian and Vogue. South Africans especially, have fallen in love with her completely even giving her the name ‘Mpho’

May her star shine even brighter.


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