Having a strong beard is seen as one of the most physically masculine aspects of manhood.

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Not all men are blessed with the gift of having a strong beard. Sometimes genetics can be faulted for this and sometimes it’s simply lack of know-how in growing and maintaining it. Maintaining a beard is not just avoiding a shave and hoping for the best. No. The same steps you take in caring for the hair on your head should be emulated in caring for the one on your face. You want a goatee that’s in tip-top shape and not one that is scrawny and scruff.

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Here are some tips for how to care for your beard:

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Wash your beard thoroughly at least once a week. It’s a known fact that hair does better when its follicles are kept clean. Do not just use any regular soap but use shampoo. Luckily we live in a time when there are beard-specific shampoos, so invest in one.

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Beard shampoo by Kenyan beard line, Mandevu.


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No you can not just rely on the sebaceous glands around your face do provide the oil your facial hair needs. You need to manually add on oil to keep it soft and prevent split ends. Ward off the gross dandruff from your face by moisturizing it regularly with a good balm or oil. Invest in one that smells great. This will encourage the habit.

Kenyan brand Keyara, has a range of oils

Improve your diet.

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For your facial hair to flourish, invest well in what you put into your body. You may want to focus on protein (meat, eggs, beans), Vitamin A foods (Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables), Vitamin C & E (sweet potatoes and nuts), and Omega 3 Fatty Acids (fish, chia seeds and flaxseeds). Don’t forget to hydrate well everyday.


You need to occasionally trim your beard to give it the desired shape. Buy a quality trimmer and learn to do it on your own.

Easy-peasy right?


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