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Embrace unity of purpose, DP Gachagua urges political leaders

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Sunday described himself as a peacemaker, explaining that his call for unity beginning with his home region Mount Kenya, is for the greater good of the Nation and its development.
Speaking in Buuri Constituency in Meru County, the Deputy President also defended his call for national forgiveness following a highly divisive 2022 General Election, saying such healing was the way to go for the country to progress.
Addressing a congregation at Our Lady of Visitation Catholic Church in Timau, the Deputy President, who was accompanied by his Spouse Pastor Dorcas Rigathi and Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza, among other leaders, explained that he came into Office a bitter man given the humiliation and persecution he was subjected to by the previous regime.
However, the Deputy President explained, he has gradually healed following consistence prayers for the last one year, and subsequently he is ready to  forgive those who persecuted him now that elections were over.
“I want to appeal to all leaders to embrace forgiveness, it is there in the Bible. I was badly wounded, humiliated and persecuted before the elections. I came to office with bitterness but through prayers – and I thank my wife Pastor Dorcas over prayers – within one year I was a healed person. I have forgiven everybody who wronged me and I have asked everyone who I may have wronged to forgive me. There is nothing wrong with forgiving each other,” he stated.
He appealed to all leaders-irrespective of political affiliation- to embrace forgiveness, give peace a chance for the Nation to develop and progress.
With the unity of purpose, leaders, and all regions, should rally behind President William Ruto and support him to implement his economic Blue Print.
Gachagua asked leaders to embrace unity and support President Ruto’s plan to transform the country.
The Deputy President further described himself as a peacemaker and said he has been involved in peace making initiatives in various counties across the country because where there is harmony, there is development. Some areas include Kericho, Kiambu, Meru and Nakuru.
“With acrimony, no work will be done. Embrace unity of purpose so that you can join other regions and enhance relevance in national politics. There are issues that can’t be pushed nationally but must start at the regional level,” he explained.
The Deputy President further called on leaders to forgive each other and work together for purposes of national development.
He said his decision to unite leaders and the people of Mount Kenya region following divisive campaigns in the 2022 General Election is to bring those who voted for Opposition to rally behind President William Ruto.
“On my unity agenda, it is not only for Mount Kenya region but the entire country. For a region to be peaceful and united counties must be united. We will continue asking for unity on regions, counties and the country,” he said as he dismissed claims that the region would be isolated after over its unity.
Questioning why some leaders were having a problem with the unity agenda and criticizing him, the Deputy President said that since each region has its peculiar economic issues and challenges it was necessary for the leaders to unite and push for own respective interests.
“Those saying that calling for unity in Mount Kenya region will lead for isolation, are wrong because unity is good for the country. We had a bad divisive election where 87 per cent of voters in Mount Kenya region voted for President William Ruto and 13 per cent voted for Azimio. I am bringing both camps together and put the region behind President Ruto so that we approach next election as united. The unity is also to ensure the President succeeds,” said Gachagua.
He also said he will continue with peace-making efforts among leaders such as Governors, Ward Representatives and members of the National Assembly for purposes of development.
Gachagua also vowed to continue assisting the Head of State to resolve leadership wrangles at the counties. Since the 2022 elections, the Deputy President has managed to cool down wrangles and negotiate peace among fighting leaders in Kericho, Meru, Kiambu and Nakuru counties.
This is as the Catholic Church together with tens of leaders including Governors and members of the National and County Assemblies commended the Deputy President for working with all elected leaders from both the Opposition and the government side.
They also commended the Deputy President and his Spouse Pastor Dorcas for leading war against illicit brews and drug abuse and rebuilding of broken families.
“As a Nation we had a serious problem on illicit brews and drug abuse. We thank the Deputy President and his Spouse over the empowerment program of the boy child and the fight of illicit brews. Elected leaders in Meru are working with the National Government Administration Officers to ensure the crackdown is fully successful,” said Buuri MP Mugambi Rindikiri.
“It is painful to see the pain the addicts are going through, they need rehabilitation. As Catholic Church, we are working together with the Deputy President and his Spouse and the Government at large to eradicate the illicit brews menace. We are supporting victims of alcoholism and mental illnesses,” said Sister Veronica Nkirote.
In her remarks, Pastor Dorcas asked Christians to support the ongoing nationwide crackdown on the fight against illicit brews and drug abuse so that Kenya can have a sombre population.
She also asked Christians to pray for the country and leaders so that the President and his Deputy can succeed in the transformation agenda.
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