Adelle to speak at The Moth Gala


Adelle also hints at hosting another Moth mainstage; she hosted a mainstage in Kigali 2 years ago

Adelle Onyango performing at The Moth mainstage in New York

Adelle Onyango is all set to be a speaker at The Moth Gala later this year and to host her own mainstage. This won’t be the first time the podcaster has spoken on a Moth stage; last year she performed at a Moth event in New York.

What is The Moth?

In short, The Moth is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. Through this organisation, storytellers from all over the world have been coming together to tell real-life stories that can help, educate or inspire people since 1997. The speakers or performances of the night get on stage and tell their stories similar to a TED talk.

Adelle isn’t the only Kenyan to speak on a Moth stage, Sitawa Wafula, a mental health blogger, has also spoken at The Moth.

Adelle announced the news on Twitter writing, “Super excited to be a speaker at the upcoming @TheMoth Gala and to be hosting a moth mainstage soon too!!”

She also reminisced about her journey with The Moth that started two years ago and celebrated her achievements of hosting a moth event in Kigali and Nairobi.



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