Evangelicals threaten to lead campaigns against the BBI report

A section of church leaders is threatening to mobilize Kenyans against the Building Bridges Initiative Report. The clergy under the Kenya Council of Church Alliance and Ministries says its proposals were not incorporated in the recently unveiled report.

And this, it appears, is not the only bone of contention. The group says it is disappointed that the 2010 constitution is yet to be implemented fully yet there is another push to amend it.

KCCAM insists that those spearheading the process must first ensure this is done so as to “rejuvenate the faith of Kenyans.”. They maintain that this would be a maximum guarantee that the proposed amendments under BBI will be fully implemented.

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“It’s quite evident that the process has been passive and only focusing on areas that favour those tasked with its implementation.” Said Bishop Steve Mutua who read the statement on behalf of the aggrieved clergymen.

They reiterated that the much-publicized contentious provisions in the 2010 constitution such as the legalization of abortion, homosexuality, threat to religious freedom have not been addressed in the BBI report.

And for this, they want the handshake principals, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga, to have the BBI document opened for further review.

“68 percent of Kenyans voted for the 2010 constitution. In the spirit building bridges initiative we need to bring on board those who voted against it 10 years ago. It is time to make peace with our past.” They said

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The group further expressed concern that the BBI process might plunge the country into further division citing the situation during the 2005 referendum.

“We should learn from the past. The BBI was supposed to lead us to a more united and cohesive country.” Rev Mutua remarked

They further took issue with certain recommendations in the report such as the proposal on the introduction of judiciary ombudsman to be appointed by the president. They said this will affect the independence of the judiciary citing the current tussle on the appointment of judges.

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“Independence of three arms of government needs critical discussion and solution. We all need a judiciary that enjoys the confidence of Kenyans so that they can serve as an arbiter even in times of elections where losers will seek justice with confidence that the outcome will be fair and just.”

The leaders are now calling for an extension of time for further consultations so that all views incorporated and ensure that “no Kenyan is left out of the process.”


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