fuel prices unchanged despite increase in landed cost of imported fuels

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has kept fuel prices unchanged for the next one month despite the increase in landed cost of imported fuels.

EPRA says beginning midnight, the maximum pump price for a litre of super petrol will be Kshs. 129.72, diesel Kshs. 110.60 and kerosene Kshs. 103.54.

According to the regulator, the pump prices which have been retained since the adjustment last month have been due to the use of the fuel subsidy fund.

“Despite the increase in the landed costs, the applicable pump prices for this cycle have been maintained as the ones applicable in the previous cycle. The government will utilise the Petroleum Development Levy to cushion consumers from the otherwise high prices,” said Kiptoo Bargoria, EPRA Director General.

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Kiptoo says without the fund, pump prices would have increased significantly with a liter of super petrol costing Kshs. 18.32 more, diesel Kshs. 21.89 and kerosene Kshs. 23.53.

Source | EPRA

During the review period, landed cost of imported super petrol increased 3.59%, from $606.06 per cubic metre in October to $627.80 per cubic metre in November while diesel increased 6.98% to $600.22 per cubic metre from $561.06.

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On the other hands, the landed cost of imported kerosene rose from $522.06 per cubic metre to $604.43 per cubic metre. A 15.78% increase.

Similarly, Kenya shillings mean monthly rate against the US dollar between October and November depreciated Kshs. 1.11% from Kshs. 111.10 to Kshs. 112.33 per dollar.

Going into the holiday season, consumers in Nairobi will continue to pay a maximum of Kshs. 129.72 for a litre of super petrol, Kshs. 110.60 and Kshs. 103.54 for a litre of diesel and kerosene respectively.

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In Mombasa, the maximum pump price for a litre of the petrol, diesel and kerosene has been capped at Kshs. 127.46, Kshs. 108.36 and Kshs. 101.29 respectively.

The maximum pump price for a litre of petrol in Kisumu has been capped at Kshs. 130.12, diesel Kshs. 111.30 and kerosene Kshs. 104.26.


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