Galana Conservancy; agriculture tourism at its best


Galana fuses conservation and agriculture by driving the food security agenda unveiled in 2014


Words: Nzula                                               Report: Irene Muchuma

The Galana Conservancy is one of Kenya’s real wildlife treasures; it boasts of some of East Africa’s rarest and renown wildlife species situated between the Eastern boundary of Tsavo East National Park and on the Northern banks of the river of the same name. 

If you’re looking for a safari in the coming holiday season, its important to keep in mind that the drive on the rough terrain might prove challenging but it is a treat for those of the adventurous sort. 

What is unique about the Wildlife Conservancy is that it intertwines agricultural and pastoral development with wildlife conservation making it an ideal spot to learn about food security and animal migration for researchers and scientists alike while also providing a worthy travel destination for those looking for an escapade.

 The Galana Kalalu Food security project which overlooks the conservancy was unveiled in 2014 by President Uhuru Kenyatta to solve food insecurity.

Looking to do some bird spotting, see some wildlife while also learning about Agriculture best practices? Galana is the destination for you.

NB: Video Starts at 58:51 to 1:02

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