John Karani

KBC Reporter

1989 – Joined Kenya Broadcasting Corporation as an Assistant Radio Producer – Involved in
compiling and editing of Radio Programs and getting them ready for transmission.

2002 – Deputy Chief Producer English Service Radio, KBC – Acted as the quality officer, making
sure that the programs that were produced were of high quality and appealed to the listener
and client. I also supervised the editing of Current affairs and News for Radio. Also produced a
program known as  YOUTH VARIETY SHOW.  This program gave tips on reproductive health to
the youth and especially young mothers.

2003– 2005 – Chief Producer Metro Fm Nairobi – Designed the concept of Metro Fm being a
24/7 Reggae Radio Station. I was instrumental in selecting the announcers and Producers to
Kick start that concept and also  met advertisers and clients to explain the concept. After
launch, within one year, according to Ste adman, Metro Fm was the Second Popular Radio
Station in Kenya.

2006 – 2010 – Senior Radio Producer Kiss Fm Radio Tanzania – Was involved in Coordinating
the Current Affairs team and was also the team leader on  the Morning Breakfast show. Also
produced and presented two Popular Reggae shows for Friday afternoons and Saturday Mid
Morning. These two shows were extremely popular. Also Produced and Presented a Kiswahili
Program on our Sister Radio Station, Radio Free Africa. The Program was called INUKA and was
targeted at Farmers, giving them tips on best farming methods.

2011 –2016 – Tone Multimedia Company  Tanzania – As the Chief Producer, I make sure the
programs are interesting and relevant to our audience especially our Online Listener anywhere
in the World. Also   setting  up meetings with different clients in order to sell the different
Products that at Tone Radio.

I am Excellent in the use and command of the English and Kiswahili Languages. Honest and
dependable with excellent interpersonal skills. Team – oriented, organized and manages time
well.  I have the ability to work well under pressure. Good presentation skills and over 18 years
experience in Broadcasting and Radio environment. I possess exceptional written and verbal
communication skills. Proficiency in relevant computer applications for broadcasting world.
Highly motivated and driven to succeed.

Reading, travelling, listening to music and watching Soccer.

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