“Ligi Soo focuses on Mentorship,” says King Kaka

King Kaka’s new Football League called Ligi Soo starts this weekend

Ligi Soo

Rapper King Kaka has launched his own football tournament that he has called Ligi Soo reminiscent of his 2013 single of the same name featuring various artists.

Announcing the news on Twitter, the rapper said, “Excited about this new chapter. The Ligi Soo Football League Starts this weekend. Yes, winning is a great part of soccer, Ligi Soo focuses on the mentorship element of the Eastlando Youth & establishing mental strength as a foundation & pillar.” (SIC)

Rather than focusing on the winning part of the football tournament, the rapper emphasised that the league would be an opportunity to nurture, mentor and guide youth from Eastlands. 

This project comes months after King Kaka signed a partnership with Remy Martin which is designed to uplift and inspire.

The rapper tweeted the fixtures for the tournament which begins on 14th from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Majimbo Grounds in Kaloleni.


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