Man beats wife to death after finding her drunk in Siaya

Police officers in Siaya County are holding a man for beating his wife to death after he found her drank at a chang’aa drinking den in Ugenya’s Jera village.

Kevin Onyango, 34, is reported to have gone home on Saturday evening after a long day at work and found his wife missing. He looked for her frantically, only to find her at a chang’aa drinking den heavily intoxicated.

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“An infuriated Onyango descended on her with kicks and blows further immobilizing his 42-year-old wife Emmaculate Mayavi, who could barely stand on her feet,” said the police

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He then put her on a wheelbarrow and pushed her home, where she is reported to have developed complications and passed away during the night.

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The suspect is currently in custody at Sihay police station, being processed for arraignment to answer to murder charges.


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