Raila says deputy should be his helper like biblical Joshua

Azimio La Umoja-One Kenya Coalition party’s Presidential hopeful Raila Odinga has outlined the functions of the office of Deputy President.

Speaking when he unveiled his running mate, Raila used the biblical analogy detailing the role Joshua played, saying the principal assistant is meant to be a problem solver and not a problem to the president.

“This office is meant to lighten the burden of the president and to ease the yoke he carries. It is meant to be a workshop where ideas are tested and innovations incubated. It is also the president’s last line of defence administratively” he said.

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He said Moses accomplished his mission to lead the Israelites to Canaan because he had a Joshua who was by his side as a helper.

“When Moses could not go to battle, Joshua covered up for him. When the arms of Moses got tired in combat, Joshua swiftly moved into action to cover the gaps. For Moses to accomplish his mission, he needed a true and faithful Joshua by his side” he explained.

“And for me to be a successful flag bearer for Azimio La Umoja, I need an effective Joshua by my side. One who will not become a turncoat in the middle of a battle or abandon post for other exploits. I need a team player with fidelity to ‘Project Kenya” he added.

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He was categorical that the person who will occupy the office should play a complementary role in addition to possessing characteristics and values that promote trust.

“According to our constitution, the Office of the Deputy President is meant to be the President’s workshop. If the office of the Deputy President is a workshop, the person who holds this office must bear certain characteristics. This person cannot be a competitor to the President; they have to compliment the President. The person has to be a co-worker and co-creator with the President” he outlined.

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Karua will also be the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs to improve the 2010 constitution.

“As my co-worker, I want her to finalise the unfinished business of making our constitution. And I want this done because, when the late President Kibaki and I pushed for the 2010 constitution, we admitted that it was a work in progress and it needed some further work” he announced.


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