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Sundowner is the longest running Radio show in Kenya today. It is a family show that every Kenyan household knows and listens to it. It’s the cradle of their childhood, teen and adult memories. Like good wine, it gets better by the day. It’s a throwback everyday single day .A trip down memory lane each single evening featuring the best of the golden oldies. Sundowner is not just a Radio show, it is a HERITAGE BRAND passed down across generations since the mid 1950s when it was started by the British in pre independence Kenya. It is a show that unites Kenyans locally and keeps the memory of home alive among those scattered across the world.

Kenyans who love mature, quality, peaceful music, full of substance, have made Sundowner a lifestyle. Parent’s who have loved the show through the decades handed it down to their children, who today have also passed it on to their children and thus the show gains a younger audience as time goes by. It is the only show on Kenyan Radio whose audience cuts across the entire spectrum of our society, commanding a fan base among family, religious, diplomatic and political spheres in equal measure just to mention a few.

Sundowner speaks for itself, through the golden and easy listening evergreens of the 60s 70s 80s 90s and a little bit of ‘not so old”. It prides itself of its love-rendering laid back presentation style that has stood the test of time. Sundowner is fundamentally a matter of music, personality and presentation and how these are artistically interwoven with the nostalgia of the setting sun.

As the day ends, and as the golden oldies take to the airwaves, the audience is treated to inspiring messages/words of wisdom to motivate them into looking forward to another day with enthusiasm and appreciation of the gains of the day, Thus the tagline ‘Celebrating love and life’. Due to public demand, the golden hour has doubled to two in the last four years.

Monday to Thursday 5pm-7pm with Catherine Ndonye

Friday and Saturday 5pm-7pm,Sunday 6pm-7pm with John Obong’o Jr [The wicked Weekend man]

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