Things mentally strong people do everyday


Working on your mental health is not an event but a practice

By Peris Maina

When you come across a “mentally strong” person, you need to realize that they are not just lucky, but they have committed themselves to ensuring their mental health remains on track. Please note that these exercises require consistency over everything.

Here are 10 habits of mentally strong people:

  • They monitor their emotions.

People often assume mentally strong people suppress their emotions. On the contrary, they monitor their emotions throughout the day and recognize how their feelings influence their thought and behaviors, then react accordingly.

  • They consider whether a move is right for them.
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Before they take an action, they stop and consider its consequences. They realize that they need to set boundaries even when offered advice; they do not follow advice blindly.

  • They choose to be happy.

All factors, constant, happiness is a choice, and an intentional one. Realize that happiness is not a destination but a journey. Find happiness in the small things. 


  • They are not people-pleasers.

Such kinds of people are not afraid to say No when someone oversteps their boundaries. They know to put themselves first before others.

  • “This will be hard, but I’m going to do it anyway”.

It is normal to experience self-doubt but Mentally strong people put their energy and efforts into making sure they are strong enough to tackle tough challenges.

  • They manage their time wisely.
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They do not waste time in any way. They describe time as a finite resource. They focus on more productive activities.

  • They reflect often or at the end of the day.

They are not perfect, they may have a temper, they may harbor feelings of inadequacy or jealously. These kinds of people take time to reflect on their behavior and emotions.  

  • They tackle the difficult tasks first.

A mentally strong person understands that human character is developed under pressure and difficult scenarios. The entire task will catch up after you have addresed the most difficult thing first.

  • They listen to their bodies.
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Is your body tired? Are you sleepy? Hungry? Thirsty? Listen to your body so that you don’t experience a burnout. Read here on how your diet can affect your mood.

  • They do not multitask unnecessarily

Multitasking can cause unnecessary stress and delay whilst trying to complete the most mundane of tasks. If you’re prone to perform a task wrong, don’t do it. Focus on tasks one at a time.


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