Uhuru: BBI is our bridge into the Promised Land

President Uhuru Kenyatta has yet again urged Kenyans to rally behind the Building Bridges Initiative report expressing confidence that its recommendations will launch the country into a prosperous future.

According to the head of state, major changes are needed in the current constitution so as to lay the foundation for a united and peaceful nation.

“Like Moses in the Bible who sat at the top of Mount Nebo and saw the future that the people of Israel were about to Cross into the Promised Land, I too have seen our future.” He said amid cheers from members of parliament during his state of the nation address.

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While making a case for the recently unveiled document that proposes changes to the 2010 constitution, and the need for all to close ranks, President Kenyatta said elections alone cannot bring peace and unity to a divided people.

“Leaders must reach out to each other and build bridges over turbulent waters to allow the people to cross into safety and prosperity. We have to practice politics that assures our security.” He said

The president emphasized the need to promote the agenda of a unity, peace and cohesion even as he warned that unhealthy political competition might plunge the country into chaos.

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He gave an example of state of affairs in a number of Kenya’s neighboring countries which have turned increasingly unstable as a result of unbridled political rivalry.

“We must recognize that our region is increasingly unstable. We are witnessing escalating conflicts being caused by ethicized and regionalized competition for political power.” He said

He further reiterated that his intentions and those of his erstwhile political nemesis Raila Odinga are for the greater good of the country charging that the process was not for their personal gain.

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He insists that the nation must be cautious not to walk the path of division along tribal lines.

“We must always remember that the wages of bad politics is people’s suffering and ruin. Many neighboring countries today need a handshake. They need politics in which competition is not turned into an act of war.” He said amid cheers from members of parliament.

He especially warned members of the political class against using the young and desperate to turn against the country and its leaders.


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