Local attractions to visit this Easter with the family


Happy Easter! As we gear up for the long Easter weekend, here are five local attractions worth checking out this holiday.

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Nairobi National Park


This is by the far the easiest and closest choice if you’re looking for something within the confines of the city. The Nairobi National Park is the only national park with natural wildlife in the city in the world and one of Kenya’s crowning jewels. If you don’t want to leave the city during Easter, this is your best bet.

Take a walk with a sea turtle


If you’re heading down to the coast for the holiday, take the opportunity to walk with one of the five endangered species that can be found along Kenya’s beach line.  Sound intriguing? Head to Watamu and drop in at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, they’d love to see you and the whole family.

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Lake Naivasha



Naivasha is easily a top pick for most Kenyans especially when it comes to short holidays like Easter. If you’re headed to Naivasha, drop in at Lake Naivasha which will give you an opportunity to interact with wildlife such as buffaloes, giraffes, bush-bucks, zebras and grant gazelles up close. Before you leave, make sure to stick around to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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Devil’s Bridge


Headed to Meru this weekend? No problem! Once you’re driving along the Meru-Nkubu road be on the lookout for the Ndurumo ya Irene waterfall which can be seen from the highway. The water drops down 300 feet hitting rocks before turning into a milky mist, forming a small natural dam. About 30 metres from the waterfall, there is a huge boulder shaped by the flowing water. This boulder has traditionally been referred to as ndaracha ya nkomaa meaning ‘the devil’s bridge’.

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The Last Village


With mesmerizing views from Chumvi Hills, The Last Village is an idyllic spot that lends its visitors peace and tranquillity. This haven-like spot is found in Athi-River and stands on a 42-acre piece of land secluded for outdoor activities, conferencing and general getaways. Racing tracks are clearly marked for visitors interested in quad biking and cycling.

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If none of our picks did it for you and you’re looking for something more, check out our Travel page with even more destinations to choose from. Otherwise, Happy Easter!


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