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EPRA named local issuer of Global Renewable Certificates


The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) is set to take over Green Certificate Company (GCC) role as the local issuer of the International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-REC (E).

The recognition by the Internal Tracking Standard Foundation will attract environmentally conscious investors looking to support sustainable energy initiatives in the country hence stimulating job creation and driving economic development in the sustainable energy sector.

EPRA Director General, Daniel Kiptoo Bargoria welcomed the development saying it is in line with the Regulatory Authority’s mandate of promoting the adoption of renewable and sustainable energy to enhance its contribution to Kenya’s energy mix.

“Kenya is on the cusp of achieving 100pc renewable energy electricity generation which currently stands at 84.65 pc contribution to the energy mix. We have remained steadfast in harnessing energy from renewable energy sources,” he said.

Kiptoo further said Local application of I-RECs will help Kenya meet international commitments and agreements related to the adoption of clean energy.

“Geothermal energy production surged by 21.84 pc and interconnected solar PV systems saw a substantial 41.84 pc increase while wind energy contributed 7.28 pc. The trajectory towards renewable energy is expected to persist as more power flows into the grid from geothermal sources,” added Bargoria.

EPRA will be tasked with inspecting energy generation facilities across the country to verify that the generation of electricity is from renewable sources.