Equity Group CEO calls for new economic, social order


Equity Group CEO James Mwangi is calling for a new global economic and social order that inspires trust between businesses and their host communities.

Speaking during the Commonwealth Heads of States and Governments Meeting Business Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, Mwangi said since the pandemic, globalisation, competitiveness and economies of scale have been put to question, thereby threatening livelihoods for millions of people.

Covid-19 disruptions coupled with economic pressures has seen countries struggling to honor their debt obligations or even at worst defaulting on servicing debt as was the case with Sri Lanka last month.

It is this stress on economies that financiers now say global leaders should deal with the impact of the pandemic and look at the Commonwealth’s role in rebuilding and reinvigorating the global economy.

Dr. Mwangi backed Agricultural Productivity, Mineral Resources, Youth and Women and Environment and Sustainability as a four-point plan intended to transform Africa during the post-Covid period.

He said Equity Group would fund to a tune of 11 billion shillings the construction of Kigali Financial Towers through Equity Holding Venture Capital.

The ground-breaking ceremony took place on Tuesday in Kigali on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Business Forum officiated by Rwandan President Paul Kagame.


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