Eric announced the opening of Eric Omondi Studios and Big Tyme Offices on Wednesday.

Self-proclaimed president of Comedy has opened an entertainment studio, a major move adding to his accolades and marking his legacy. The ‘Eric Omondi’ studios are located in Lavington, Nairobi and comes under Big Tyme Entertainment company, also Eric’s.

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The studios will be a space for creatives including musicians, comedians actors to perform rehearse and shoot; basically all under one roof services. There will be a video studio, an audio studio, cars, an aircraft, a park… everything a performer could need! What’s even more cool about it is that all these assets are named after legendary Kenyan performers. For example the park is named after MAMA KAYAI, the audio studio is named after MWALIMU CHURCHILL, and the video studio is named after MZEE OJWANG.

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Wasanii wasisumbuke kuenda sijui Nigeria ama South Africa. We have all it takes here!!! Lakes, Oceans, Mountains, Hills, Forests, Rivers, National Parks, the sun, the moon, rain and Now the BIGGEST PRODUCTION COMPANY IN EAST AFRICA!!! WELCOME TO BIG TYME ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY and ERIC OMONDI Studios.” Eric said in an Instagram post in which he announced the big step. This is such a wonderful move that will help take the Kenyan entertainment industry to the next level.


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