Ethuro challenges Turkana community to end retrogressive traditions

By KBC Reporter
Senate speaker Ekwe Ethuro has challenged members of the Turkana community to discard retrogressive cultural practices and foster progressive and modern lifestyles to keep pace with the rest of the world.
The Senate Speaker cited cattle rustling, early marriages and female genital mutilation as some of the cultural rites that have acted to derail development in the region.
Speaking during a funds drive in aid of Ewalaa society group in Mosop ward in Rongai constituency, Ethuro said the Kenyan constitution empowers all citizens regardless of their ethnic background or political affiliation.
He advised members of the Turkana community to embrace modernity by educating their children.
The Senate Speaker insisted that education remains the only option to deliver them out of marginalization, poverty and ignorance.
Urging the community to stay loyal to the government, Ekwe said locals should support the government’s efforts of improving their livelihoods and that of the nation.
The Turkanas are among the few communities that have managed to conserve their rich cultural heritage in the face of modernization.

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