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Elsa Majimbo talks to Anderson Cooper about her comedy act and her future



Elsa Angel Majimbo is a 19-year-old Kenyan comic who has stolen the hearts of many because of her comedy. She has quickly risen to stardom over the past couple of months this year, and recently landed a gig with Fenty and an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Speaking to Cooper on an online call, the young comedian spoke about her act, her future and why she isn’t Kenya’s most celebrated comedian. Here’s everything we learned from the interview.

She started her act during quarantine

Owing to COVID-19 and the government directives to curb its spread, most of us have been in quarantine since the pandemic began. It is during this time that Elsa Majimbo started what has since become her comedy act. 

Encouragement from friends and comments online

What started as a one-joke post on Instagram has now become her most defining post. With encouragement from friends and comments online, she continued doing her act online garnering her a deal with Fenty.

She’s not playing a character

Elsa told Anderson that she is not playing a character when she’s making jokes online. She went on to explain that that is who she is with close friends and is glad that her personality has morphed into a career in comedy.

The crisps are now part of the act

What started as an accident, when she ate crisps in one of her videos, has now become part of her act. She has no crisp sponsorship deals as yet.

Her dad has become her biggest supporter

In her first international interview, Elsa shared how her dad did not understand what she was doing online and was not thrilled. Since then, as she told Anderson, her dad has become her biggest supporter.

A future in Standup comedy

Elsa hopes to make a career out of her talent and become a stand-up comedian.

She is not Kenya’s ideal comic

In a candid moment, she opened up about her comedy being universal and not standard for Kenya’s comedy scene. Elsa’s fanbase is made up of people from around the world and not from Kenya as one would expect.


Her favourite comedians are Dave Chapelle and Kevin Hart.

She’s learnt a lot about herself during this period

Since quarantine began and seemingly her career, Elsa has learnt that there is so much more to life than education and that talent can be just as important and lucrative.

You can watch the full interview here.


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