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Exam integrity: KUPPET threatens court action over disciplinary measures on Principals

KUPPET Secretary General Akelo Misori. PHOTO: Courtesy

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has threatened to take legal action if any of its school principals face disciplinary measures from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) over alleged National Examination irregularities.

Speaking at the KUPPET Meru County Branch General Assembly in Meru, KUPPET National Secretary General, Akelo Misori, expressed deep concern over the stringent disciplinary measures introduced by the government for school heads if a school is found with national examinations irregularities.

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Misori argued that the problem of examination irregularities begins with the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) even before the examinations are transported to the collection containers.

Misori asserted that the union would not hesitate to move to court if the TSC initiates any disciplinary actions against its members.

He called for a comprehensive examination of evidence involving all relevant parties, including KNEC, TSC, and the Ministry of Education, to establish any school head’s involvement in examination irregularities before any disciplinary actions are taken.

Additionally, Misori announced the union’s intent to seek a court order to halt the rotational movement of teachers invigilating national examinations.

He argued that such movements cause unnecessary disruptions and financial burdens on the teachers, who are forced to travel between different schools.

Misori further urged the government to reconsider housing Junior Secondary School (JSS) within secondary schools, citing the current inadequacies in primary schools. He pointed out the lack of essential infrastructure such as laboratories, libraries, and human resources in many public primary schools.

Karuti Nchebere, the executive secretary of the KUPPET branch in Meru County, raised concerns over the mistreatment of JSS teachers by some primary school heads and called for a cessation of such behavior.

Nchebere further called for a revision in the rates paid to examiners, proposing a minimum payment of Ksh100 per script and insisted on timely payments for examination supervisors, invigilators, and security officers following the completion of examinations.


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